Markets Stall, Businesses Don't Have To

Re-inventing a business can be as simple as shifting your marketing allocation, or as complex as a totally new product line or market. Regardless of where you land on this spectrum, re-inventing your business better start with deeply understanding the customers you serve and the market segments you participate in. 

If you are asking the following types of questions, we can help:

  1. Do we have different groups of customers with unique needs and behaviors? Or, do all of our customers really look alike?
  2. Do our products and associated marketing speak to a segment of one, when there are really multiple unique segments?
  3. Can we describe these unique segments in terms of their needs, buying behaviors, decision criteria, channel preferences, etc.?
  4. Can my existing product portfolio be positioned and marketed differently, to open up new market segments?
  5. Can I make minor product adjustments to better meet the needs of unique market segments?
  6. Should I consider a new channel approach to better serve a specific market segment?
  7. Where are our marketing funds being spent? How much goes to awareness? To consideration? To activation?
  8. How do I know if the marketing mix between awareness, consideration, and activation is optimal?
  9. Are we getting into enough sales discussions? Are we in the running? Is our close ratio what it should be?
  10. Have we formed a customer advisory board that can help shape our market participation and product planning?
  11. Is my cycle time to launch a new product short enough? Is the launch fully supported across all functions?
  12. Are we pro-actively managing our in market products to ensure the optimal balance between units, price, and margins?
  13. Where are our placements coming from? Are we "riding the base" or making real competitive inroads?