Step Up - Step Out

 Creating a new business is tough. Institutional knowledge is thin. Inside bench strength is light. Outside talent doesn't understand the culture. Quite simply, new business start-up is not like launching a new product. The challenges are different and the business approach better be as well. But, the intersection of external macro trends, internal core competencies, and good start-up capabilities can energize an entire organization and create substantive growth. 

If you are asking the following types of questions, we can help:

  1. Does the opportunity align with our strategic framework? Does it play to our core competencies? 
  2. Does this new space present an opportunity that is big enough to care about?
  3. What is the size of the market? More importantly, what is the size of the addressable market? Do we understand the difference?
  4. Is the market growing? What does the growth runway look like?
  5. Does the market present sufficient profits? Will they endure? What are the barriers to entry? 
  6. Can we create sustainable differentiation?
  7. Should we build, buy, or ally to enter this space? Does either time or cash push us to one of these options?
  8. Do we understand the goals and processes of incubating a new business are very different than launching a new product?
  9. Do we get that the speed of market learning is the true key to success? That it's all about act - learn - pivot?
  10. Have we thought sufficiently about mainstreaming the business? That mainstreaming is way tougher than incubating?
  11. Do we have executive alignment on mainstreaming the business? Does our business case recognize & fund Yr. 1 mainstream costs?
  12. Should the resources that incubated the business shift to the mainstream organization? Which ones, and why?