Growth is Freedom

Re-Inventing Stalled Businesses Creating New Ones 

Growth Is Freedom

Growth is no longer an option in today's fast paced business world, it's an imperative. The days of relying on one or two big customers, or one or two industry segments are over. The days of cutting your way to success are distant memories. The only path forward is growth. In fact, Growth Is Freedom.

Growth is way more than building the top line. When executed from a foundation of sound strategy, growth improves all aspects of your P&L. Supply chains become more efficient, improving gross margins. Channels become more effective, reducing SG&A. Growth brings a halo effect to marketing efforts, driving more revenue. Growth not only shapes up your P&L from a %s perspective. More importantly, the absolute numbers in your P&L lift delivering bigger absolute earnings and cash flow. 

Re-Inventing A Business

Markets may stall, but businesses don't have to. In fact, markets are changing all the time. There are so many external factors assailing markets today, it's hard to keep up. Today, the only business constant we have is change. The only question we have is whether your business is changing. In fact, the real question is whether you are constantly re-inventing your business. 

Creating A New Business

Growth sometimes requires you to step up and step out. Re-Inventing your business takes you so far down the growth road. Maybe far enough, but maybe not. Creating a new business is dicey stuff. It can suck resources, and drain management attention. The hit ratio on success is not as good. The rewards can be big, but you must recognize that creating is vastly different than re-inventing.


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